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Employee Standards of Excellence

Employee Standards of Excellence

Creating the Ultimate Patient Experience for Every Patient, Every Time is our promise to the communities we serve.

We set standards for our employees to help support our Mission & Vision.  All team members that join our team will be expected to abide by the following Key Service Behaviors.  

Communicate With Compassion

  • Engage in active listening skills
  • Utilize the A.I.D.E.T. communication skill
  • Use key words at key times and department specific and organization wide scripting
  • Greet and initiate conversation using the 10/5 rule with a warm smile and a positive tone and demeanor

Demonstrate Professionalism and Pride

  • Maintain a clean and safe healing environment
  • Use the patient’s name of preference
  • Respond to concerns with H.E.A.R.T.
  • Adjust your approach to respect the diversity of patients

Responding to Patients' Expectations

  • Assess and manage patient’s expectations, including pain
  • Respond to ALL call lights (No Passing Zone)
  • Honor a restful and respectful atmosphere

To support the effort, we continually share information and train team members on how to achieve this goal and how we expect them to serve our patients, families, visitors and each other.  We depend on everyone to create the ultimate patient experience for every patient, every time!