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Achilles Express

Achilles Express

Quick, Comfortable Bone Density Scanning.

Pekin Hospital Achilles Express

The Achilles Express provides fast, accurate bone density scanning to help physicians assess your bone health and predict your risk for fracture. This can be an important indicator of your chances for osteoporosis and other health concerns.

How does the Achilles Express work?

The Achilles Express passes ultrasound through the heel. The heel is measured because its bone is similar to that found in the spine and hip, where osteoporotic fractures occur most. Ultrasound does not travel well through air. Therefore, during an Achilles Express test, warm water fills membranes that contact your heel to provide a path for the ultrasound energy to follow. A small amount of ultrasound gel will be placed on your heel.

What can I expect during my Achilles Express test?

The Achilles Express test requires a bare foot. Remove your sock, stocking, or panty hose. An Achilles Express test takes about 1 minute. During the test, keep your heel as still as possible for best results.

Is the Achilles Express test safe?

Achilles Express tests are safe. Ultrasound imaging helps doctors see internal organs and even unborn babies. The amount of ultrasound energy used by the Achilles Express is many times lower than the energy used by ultrasound imaging which is considered safe.

Caution: Avoid Achilles Express tests if you have a sore on your heel or sole. Please tell the person operating the Achilles Express of any such problems to help prevent transmission of an infection.