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A New Level of Patient-Centered Care

From the moment you come through the doors at UnityPoint Health - Pekin, you have a completely dedicated Hospitalist devoted to your care. Through our Hospitalists, we’re able to bring you a new level of patient-centered care. These physicians and physician assistants provide you with an uncompromising level of excellence while seamlessly integrating with our entire team of experts as well as your own personal physician.

Your Hospitalist physician will spend extra time learning about you, including speaking with you and your primary care physician and reviewing medical records to gather as much information about your medical history as possible. You’ll see a Hospitalist during your time at UnityPoint Health-Pekin, then follow up with your primary care physician after discharge. If you have questions at any time, simply ask a nurse to page your Hospitalist.

What is a Hospitalist?

A Hospitalist is a physician who specializes in caring for patients in the hospital. Most Hospitalists are general internal medicine physicians. During your hospital stay, you will be seen by a Hospitalist. You will see your regular doctor shortly after discharge from the hospital.

What benefits do Hospitalists provide?

Hospitalists are available as needed during your stay.

While you are in the hospital, one of our physicians or physician assistants will be available to you and your family as needed. He or she will discuss with you your plan of care and provide honest and considerate answers to your questions. Your Hospitalist physician will assist you through a smooth and speedy recovery process by following up on tests and adjusting your treatment regimen throughout the day.

Hospitalists are always close.

If you have a medical emergency during your hospitalization, your Hospitalist is never very far away. That’s because they work in the hospital and will see you more than once a day, if needed.

Hospitalists help your primary care physician be more available to you.

For many patients and physicians, working with a Hospitalist team enables your primary care physician to be more available to you in the office and enables the Hospitalist to be more available to care for you when you are at your sickest. With a physician in the hospital it is easier for you and your family to communicate about your illness.

When will I see my primary care physician?

During your hospitalization, your Hospitalist and primary care physician may talk further regarding your treatment. At discharge, your Hospitalist will communicate with your primary care physician to discuss your further treatment needs, help arrange follow-up, and prescribe the necessary medications. They will also send your hospital records to your primary care physician.

I don’t have a primary care physician. What should I do after discharge?

The Hospitalist will refer you to the primary care physician and provide them with your hospital information. It’s important that you establish a relationship and follow-up with a primary care physician to keep you healthy.